Digimax Insect repeller (UP-1BA)


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Digital repeller (UP-1BA)


Time for pest eradication


Uses Both Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic technology

6 Pre- configured settings

270 degrees Ultrasonic coverage

Insect Resistant Night Light

Sound level can be adjusted by the touch mode

Digital Repeller (UP-1BA)


Impact on the environment


We believe in working with your environment rather than against it, that is why the Digital  Repeller protects you and your loved ones home without disturbing the natural eco-system in and around your house. It kill off or emit any toxins that could harm the environment in anyway.




The pest repellers don’t use or emit any hazardous chemicals to kill or drive the rodents and insects out. The pest repeller is designed so that all living things are not harmed in any way, even the rodents and insects.


As the good doctors always say ''The best cure is prevention''. We took this saying to heart by preventing mice and other rodents from entering the protected area so that there are no disgusting or smelly messes to clean up, which is potentially hazardous due to risk of contamination through touch or inhaling the smell. You don’t have to worry about keeping poisons out of reach from children or even in your house or garage. No more wearing safety equipment’s such as gloves and protective masks.


What does the pest repeller repel


The Digital Repeller is built for tough to rid rodents and insects. The Digital Repeller  produces a large mass of Ultrasonic Sound Wave that repelles some of the toughest rodents that may live in your home. 


Why use our pest repeller


After 13 years of research and development, we are one of the most trusted pest repeller company that excels at making better, more effective and value for our customers.


Our new Digital  Repeller is our most powerful Ultrasonic Sound Wave producer to date. The massive 4 Ultrasonic Speakers produces digital ultrasonic frequencies that is unmatchable to other pest repellers that are currently on the market. This will be the strongest and the best ultrasonic protection you will have in your home. The Digital  Repeller  also comes with 3 different frequency settings to find the best setting to suit your needs, ranging from a small area of coverage to a large open area coverage.


The Digital Repeller not only uses the ultrasonic sound waves to repel rodents and insects but it uses an Insect Resistant Night Light as an extra layer of protection for you and your family. 


How to use our pest repeller


In order to make the Triple Threat as easy to install as possible for everyone to understand, we took the initiative of developing the Digital Repeller  with a plug and play approach.

To set up the pest repeller is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3.


  1.     Remove the device from the packaging.

  2.     Plug the device into an AC outlet with the front of the device facing the area

          you want to protect.

  3.     Enjoy the fulfillment of a rodent and insect free home.


The Digital Repeller will start working once the device is plugged in. Then set the ultrasonic sound wave frequency to what you desire and what you see fit for your surroundings and set the Insect Resistant Night Light to your desired brightness. (All instruction on how to set these settings are included in the user manual)


Ultrasonic Sound Wave: is a high pitched sound wave that is by emitted by the Pest Repeller that is inaudible to us as humans but is still audible to rodents and insects. The Ultrasonic Sound Waves disrupts and irritates the rodents and insects from its habitat, which then they are forced to move.


Insect Resistant Night Light: is to scare off rodents and insects as well as to provide a low energy consumption night light.


Where to use our pest repellers


Our Mouse Blaster is safe to use anywhere. The digital Repeller protects the area that it is facing, provided that no solid object is blocking its sound wave. Sound waves gets absorbed by solid objects such as couches, cupboards etc... Light also cannot pass through these medium.


We always suggest our clients and buys to install at least a digital Repeller in each of the room of the house once you have detected mice activity, areas such as your kitchen, living room, bedroom and garage. The reason for this is, if you install a Mouse Blaster in one room for example the kitchen, the mice might leave your kitchen from its living habitate but it will nest in other parts of your home such as your living room.


By installing at least a digital repeller in each room of the house, the mice will have only one move left and that is to move away from your home.


The digital repeller is the ideal pest repeller for large areas such as warehouses, factories and storage containers.




4 digital Ultrasonic Speakers

Insect Resistant Night Light

Touch mode for:                                       Ultrasonic Frequency Range

270 degree ultrasonic coverage y



Product Includes


1 x Digital Repeller

1 x User Manual




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