AR Solar Animal Repeller (UP-168A)


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Animal Repeller (UP-168A)


Impact on the environment


Our pest repellents don’t harm the environment in any way once installed, the pest repellent uses natural and a combination of methods of driving the rodents and insects out of the protected areas. The pest repellent doesn’t produce any air or water pollution when plugged in. It uses technologies that disturbs the rodents and animals making the protected area intolerable for both to be around.




Digimax’s animal repeller is safe for your family to be around when the animal repeller is active. The animal repeller don’t use or emit any hazardous chemicals to kill or drive the rodents and animals out. The animal repeller is specially designed so that all living things are not harmed in any way, to keep the natural eco-system.


The best part is that there are no disgusting or smelly messes to clean up afterwards, which is potentially hazardous due to risk of contamination through touch or inhaling the smell. You don’t have to worry about keeping poisons out of reach from children or even in your house or garage. No more wearing safety equipment’s such as gloves and protective masks.


What does our animal repeller repel


The Animal Repeller effectively repels rodents and animals away from your garden before they reach your home. The Animal Repeller affectively repels creatures such as moles, gophers, squirrels, cats, birds and many more.


Why use our animal repeller


All our Animal Repellers have been vigorously tested to ensure that we bring the highest build quality as well as the most effective outdoor animal repeller to you.


Our Animal Repeller has our well known Ultrasonic Sound Wave technology built in along with other technologies to aid in the effectiveness. The Animal Repeller is a low cost investment that can have high returns, as it uses our low battery consumption technology, our recognized Ultrasonic Sound Wave technology and our high build quality materials, it’s the most effective and convenient way to protect your garden.


The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) like the ones you find on an alarm system, can have power saving capabilities such as only turning on the Strobe lights when it sensors movement in the covered area.


The UP-168A Animal Repeller is meant to be low in maintenance therefore we have included a built-in solar panel that recharges the battery, making it work seamlessly in your garden without the need for constant maintenance of changing the batteries.


How does our Animal Repeller work


We’ve made sure that the Animal Repeller is as easy to install and use as possible, this is why we introduced the plug-n-play method to make it simple for everyone to understand and use.


To set up the pest repellent is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3.


  1.     Remove the device from the packaging.

  2.     Put rechargeable battery into the device from the removable top.

  3.     Stick it into the ground where you want to protect.


The Animal Repeller uses 6 rechargeable AAA batteries that have been provided already.


Adjusting the sensitivity and frequency of the animal repeller can give you the needed power that you need.


There are 3 settings that the animal repeller can be in: OFF, STOBE ONLY or STROBE + ULTRASONIC.


The UP-168A has optional post and AC adapter on request.



Product Includes


1 x Animal Repeller

6 x AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery

1 x AC Adapter (optional)

1 x User Manual




Model Number:


Frequency Range:


Output Sound Pressure:


Power Supply:

6 x AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery or

AC Adapter


● Main Unit

● Post

179 x 140 x 121 mm

420 mm


● Main Unit

● Post

434 g

111 g


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