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Datospir Micro C Portable Spirometer

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Datospir Micro C Portable Spirometer  Spirometer
RM 5,800.00
500 g
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Spirometer_Datospir_Micro1.pdf (1.88 MB)
DATOSPIR MICRO is a small portable spirometer with the latest technological advances on the market. There are 3 different models tailored to the needs of the user. The equipment has different configurations for use both in clinical mode and at home. Its connectivity capabilities consist of a USB port for connection to a PC or an external printer. It can also be connected to other devices via Bluetooth technologies. It operates with a large number of parameters related to FVC, VC and MVV, and has a pulsioximetry (SpO2) option. It has acoustic incentives for children and a data base of up to 1000 tests. Finally, two of the models are fitted with graphic touch screens (PDA type), making them easy to use and among the most advanced spirometers on the market.

Main Features

  • 3 models for expanded versatility.
  • USB connectivity (PC and Printer) and Bluetooth (optional).
  • Touch screen, PDA type (models B and C).
  • Internal data base (up to 1,000 graphical tests).
  • Data export to other management systems.
  • Bidirectional volumetric turbine.
  • Integrated oxymeter (optional).
  • Automatic BTPS correction.
  • Meets 2005 ERS/ATS Standards.
  • PIN code.code.


One of the most important features of theDATOSPIR MICRO is its communication system, which allows it to:

  • Transfer equipment check data.
  • Internal Software Update.
  • Transfer patients tests to a PC.
  • Export patient tests to other management systems.

Communications can be made through three different channels:

  • Direct USB connection to PC.
  • Direct USB connection to printer.
  • Bluetooth.
  • RS232.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow Transducer: TURBINE.
  • Measuring range: Flow from 0 to +/- 16 l/s; volume from 0 to 10l.
  • Flow-volume accuracy: 5% or 200 ml/s – 3% or 50ml, whichever is greater (ERS/ATS)
  • Flow resistance:
  • Bluetooth module: Compliant with V. 2.0 specification.
  • Maximum duration and number of maneuvres: FVC: 25s (5 curves); VC: 45s (5 curves); MVV: 15s (5 curves
  • Working temperature and humidity: 10 to 40º C – Less than 75% without condensation
  • Safety Standards: EN 60601·1, EN 60601·1·1, EN 60601·1·2
  • Power supply: 1.5 V battery (alkaline recommended) or 1.2 V NiMh battery (recommended > 2200mAh).
  • Power: Less than 400mW.
  • Dimensions: 153.5 x 80 x 52 mm.
  • Weight: 250g.
  • Meets 2005 ERS/ATS standards.


The DATOSPIR MICRO has a new bidirectional volumetric turbine with an opto-electronic rotary sensor. It is detachable for cleaning and sterilization. Rotation is made on sapphire bearings for high reproducibility and test duration.


  • FVC (l)
  • FEV.5 (l)
  • FEV1 (l)
  • FEV3 (l) FEV1/FVC (%)
  • FEV3/FVC (%)
  • FEV1/VC (%)
  • PEF (l/s)
  • MEF75% (l/s)
  • MEF50% (l/s)
  • MEF25% (l/s)
  • FEF25-75% (l/s)
  • FEF75-85% (l/s)
  • FET25-75 (s)
  • FET100 (s)
  • MEF50/MIF50
  • FEV1/FEV.5
  • FEV1/PEF
  • FIV1 (l) FIV1/FIVC (%)
  • FEV1/FIV1 (%)
  • MIF50% (l/s)
  • FIVC (l)
  • PIF (l/s)
  • MTT (s)
  • PEF/PIF Vext (%)
  • MVVInd (l/min)
  • FEV6 (l)
  • FEV1/FEV6 (%)
  • EPOC Risk
  • Lung Age
  • VC (l)
  • TV (l)
  • ERV (l)
  • IRV (l)
  • IC (l)
  • Ti (s)
  • Te (s) Tt (s)
  • Ti/Tt
  • MVV (l/min)
  • Br./min (Br/min)

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