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Digimax Dust Mite Killer (UP-142)

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Digimax Dust Mite Killer (UP-142) Pest Repellent Device Personal Care
RM 150.00
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Dust Mite Controller (UP-142)


Impact on the environment


Our Dust Mite Killer doesn't harm the environment in any way once installed, the uses natural and a combination of methods of killing dust mites from the protected areas. The Dust Mite Killer doesn’t produce any air or water pollution when plugged in.




The Dust Mite Killer doesn't use or emit any hazardous chemicals to kill the dust mites. The Dust Mite Killer is specially designed to me light weight and portable for you to move it from point A to point B with ease.


What our Dust Mite Killer does


The Dust Mite Killer comes with Ultrasonic Sound Wave and specially designed UV wave to kill and repel dust mites.


Why use our pest repeller


All our Dust Mite Killer have been vigorously tested to ensure that we bring the highest build quality as well as the most effective dust mite killer for you. Our Dust Mite Killer has our well known Ultrasonic Sound Wave technology built in and our next generation UV dust mite killing function.


How to use our pest repeller


We’ve made sure that the pest repeller is as easy to install as possible, this is why we introduced the plug and play method to make it simple for everyone to understand and use.


To set up the pest repeller is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3.


  1.      Remove the device from the packaging.

  2.      Plug the device into an AC outlet with the front of the device facing the area

           you want to protect.

  3.      Keep the device in an open area near where dust mite are present


The Dust Mite Controller UP-142 has 2 functions, the first by emitting an ultrasonic sound wave to specifically to chase away dust mites and second should the dust mite not leave the powerful UV will kill them off.


Ultrasonic Sound Wave: is a high pitched sound wave that is by emitted by the Pest Repeller that is inaudible to us as humans but is still audible to rodents and insects. The Ultrasonic Sound Waves disrupts and irritates the rodents and insects from its habitat, which then they are forced to move.


Powerful UV Light: Kills the dust mites


Where our Dust Mite Killer is used


Our Dust Mite Killer can be used anywhere, in your home, garage or storage areas with an AC outlet.Often the best places to use our Dust Mite Controller is in bedrooms.


The Dust Mite Killer works best in an open area so that the ultrasonic sound can travel throughout the area without any obstacles, going through obstructions such as walls or if placed behind furniture will reduce the effectiveness the pest repeller has on rodents, as sound is a wave and doesn’t pass through solid objects easy. The UV will also have more surface area to come into contact with the dust mites.


Product Includes


1 x Dust Mite Killer

1 x AC Adapter

1 x User Manual




Model Number:


Frequency Range:

40KHz ± 1KHz

UV Light:


Power Supply:

110V-120V / 60Hz or

220V-240V / 50Hz AC Adapter


109 x 75 x 33 mm


72 g

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