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Digimax Tin Buster Pest Repeller (UP-11K)

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Digimax Tin Buster Pest Repeller (UP-11K) Animal Repeller

Caring For Your Loved Ones


Protecting your largest investment, your family


The biggest investment for anyone is you and your family, therefore taking care of this investment should be of upmost importance. We understand that it isn’t an easy job. This is why we developed new and improved pest repellers, for you and your family.  We set out with a mission and that is to engineer a line of pest repellers that work at protecting you and your family, in and around your home.


Dangers Of Rodents & Insects


Disease – Contamination - Infections


There are more than 200 different types of diseases that rodents pass onto humans, some have even been proven lethal. A majority of these illnesses that are transferred from animals to humans are made through rodents that live in your homes. Insect bites are no picnic either insects such as dust mites, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches are amongst the leaders at spreading and infecting diseases to humans too.


Did you know?

Malaria is the most deadly arthropod-borne disease in the world and is mainly spread by mosquitoes, affecting around 250 million people in the world.


Rodent Free


Safe and secure living


Getting rid of rodents and insects can be a major pain for anyone and the traditional way is with hazardous chemicals and sophisticated contraptions that aren’t always the best or the most effective method for getting rid of the rodents & insects. They are very costly and need regular treatment and replacement. Our pest repellers Ultrasonic Sound Waves and other combined advance technologies that are effective at driving the pests out and is safe for your family to use on a daily bases, providing 24 hour protection 7 days a week. By protecting your home from rodents such as mice and rats, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced, like doctors always say “prevention is the best cure”.


Stunning Design


Powerful yet stylish


Before designing, we took a look around in many homes in-order to refine our design that will be both visually appealing and be an effective powerful pest repeller device. Our pest repellers have advance capabilities in-order to work without human presence. Our outdoor solar pest repeller are made to fit seamlessly with you garden.


New Innovative Technology


Creating beyond our own vision


Our engineering team have been developing and upgrading the pest repellers over the past 20 years. After years of research and developing we have found new and innovative ways to use the Ultrasonic Technology. We have discovered there are numerous of other technology advancements that are effective against rodents and insects too and we have incorporated these technologies into our advance products to provide a multifunction device. For example: Some of our outdoor pest repellers have the solar rechargeable capabilities which will allow the device to work for long periods of time maintenance free.


Saving what is left


Our company strongly believes in working with nature and not against it. This plays a strong role when we develop any of our products. We want to effectively get the results that we desire without disturbing the natural eco-system around the area. Therefore we developed our own line of pest repellers for your protection, it makes use of different advance technologies to ward off rodents and pests harmlessly. Our products make your home an intolerable habitat for rodents and insects to be around.

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