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Digimax Double Decker (UP-11AK)

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Digimax  Double Decker (UP-11AK) Animal Repeller
RM 195.00
In Stock

Download Files

all_EPA.pdf (2.09 MB)

Double Decker (UP-11AK)

Easy Set Up. Plug- n-Play

Safe for Humans & Pets

2 X Powerful Ultrasonic Speakers

Addition of the Test Button

Environmentally Friendly

New Look, New Design



Double Decker (UP-11AK)


Impact on the environment


Our pest repellers don’t harm the environment in any way once installed, the pest repeller uses natural methods of driving the rodents and insects out of the protected areas. The pest repeller doesn’t produce any air or water pollution.




The pest repellers don’t use or emit any hazardous chemicals to kill or drive the rodents and insects out. The pest repeller is designed so that all living things are not harmed in any way, even the rodents and insects.


The best part is that there are no disgusting or smelly messes to clean up afterwards, which is potentially hazardous due to risk of contamination through touch or inhaling the smell. You don’t have to worry about keeping poisons out of reach from children or even in your house or garage. No more wearing safety equipment’s such as gloves and protective masks.


What does the pest repeller repel


The Double Decker incoporates our new internal design and together with an additional speaker making it having 2 ultrasonic speakers combined with our 2nd generation Ultrasonic Sound Wave and Electro-Magnetic features they will be able to repel rodents such as: rats and mice


Why use our pest repeller


The Double Decker has been vigorously tested to ensure that we bring the highest build quality as well as the most effective pest repeller on the market in its catagory.


The Double Decker is known to have our 2nd generation of Ultrasonic Sound Wave technology built into it. With the additional of our revamped Electro-Magnetic technology, this provides the ultimate layer of protection for you and your family.


How to use our pest repeller


To make sure the Double Decker is as easy to install as possible, we used the plug and play method to make it simple for everyone to understand.

To set up the pest repeller is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3.


  1.      Remove the device from the packaging.

  2.      Plug the device into an AC outlet with the front of the device facing the area

           you want to protect.

  3.      Enjoy the fulfillment.


The Double Decker (UP-11AK) will start working once the device is plugged in.


2nd Generation Ultrasonic Sound Wave: is a high pitched sound wave that is by emitted by the Pest Repeller that is inaudible to us as humans but is still audible to rodents. The Ultrasonic Sound Waves disrupts and irritates the rodents from its habitat, which then they are forced to move. The 2nd Generation of the Ultrasonic Sound Wave Speakers have seen much improvement in the power consumption as well as the over all ultrasonic sound that is emited.


Electro-Magnetic: is a pulsing vibration that is emitted through the electrical lines to get rid of the rodents and insects living within the walls. Electro-Magnetic affects the nervous system of mice, rats and other rodents.​


Where to use our pest repellers


Our Double Decker can be used anywhere, in your home, garage or storage areas. Our Double Decker works best where rodents are often present, scavenging for food and other resources. Often the best places to use our pest repellers are the kitchen, living room and bedrooms.


The pest repeller works best in an open area so that the ultrasonic sound can pass throughout the area without any obstacles, going through obstacles such as walls or if placed behind furniture will reduce the effect the pest repeller has on rodents, as sound is a wave and doesn’t pass through solid objects easy.



Product Includes


1 x Double Decker (UP-11AK)

1 x User Manual




Model Number:


Frequency Range:

18KHz-32KHz Auto Sweeping

Output Sound Pressure:

2 X (95dB ± 10dB)

Power Supply:

110V-120V / 60Hz or

220V-240V / 50Hz 


113 x 67 x 34 mm


100 g




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